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  1. Birth centre Treliske

    "I got through 17 hours of labour using Alice’s wonderful advice without any drugs.....thank you Alice.

    The Truro Birth Centre was mega and the staff were amazing, I floated about in the hot tub for quite a few hours and had to go to the delivery suite in the end for an assisted delivery, which wasn’t what we’d planned, but the result was what we wanted.. e.g. a cute baby!

    He was calm throughout the whole process and I put this down to Hypnobirthing and the importance placed on being calm, breathing and being positive.

    He’s doing well and is just scrumptious. Oh it definitely made a huge difference, I would recommend it to fact I am telling everyone who listens about how amazing Hypnobirthing is!"

  2. "Our new addition arrived on Saturday night, a little boy, we had a home birth which was just incredible!

    I felt so in control and everything happened very quickly, 3.5 hours in total and only 20 mins of pushing.

    My previous labour lasted for 24 hours so quite an improvement. I think this is partially due to the course.

    I worried before that perhaps I hadn’t listened to it enough etc but I think even what I did was so worth it. I had the affirmations playing during the birth which was a wonderful gentle reminder to keep going and I could do this.

    I was so pleased to get the birth I wanted, as this is our final child and our family is now complete.

    We couldn’t afford a course in our area as they’re £250+ so this online version was so much more accessible for me.

    Anyway, huge thanks to you, I’ll be recommending it to my other pregnant friends!"

    Hypnobirthing Hemel hempstead
  3. Laurel Yanny explanation neuroscience hypnobirthing

    Super cool brain science...

    Your imagination is a powerful tool. It can dictate, to some extent, how we perceive sensory information including images, sounds, tastes and feelings, including pain.

    Re the laurel / yanny phenomenon... Altering the volume or pitch isn't a complete explanation, because with practise you can teach yourself to hear either word at will

    Neuroscientist Gabriella Musacchia says that faced with confusing information, the brain decides within a fraction of a second what it will hear.

    “We use statistical probability to make almost all of our perceptual decisions... you hear what you listen for."

    Play the video and see what happens when you decide to hear either the words 'brainstorm' or 'green needle'.

    So what's this got to do with birth?

    Some mums report that they decided to interpret the sensations of birth not as pain, but as 'power', 'warmth', 'surges', 'rushes', 'waves' or a 'strong physical sensation that requires all of my focus'.

    This isn't woolly wishful thinking. Evidence suggests that self-hypnosis does indeed seem to significantly alter the perception of pain. 

    Practise controlling physical sensations with the 'comfort dial' (in your pregnancy relaxation MP3).

    Test your skills by getting someone to give you a good chinese burn, whilst you focus on keeping calm and breathing deeply!

  4. hypnobirthing in cornwall

    I met Rae (and her beautiful cats) when she was an excited first-time mother in 2014; providing her with birth doula and hypnobirthing support...

    "I have practised Alice's hypnobirthing techniques in every pregnancy and birth and I really cannot imagine labouring without them. I am so grateful that her knowledge and skill has helped me have joyous, wonderful births. I feel almost evangelical about spreading the word of hypnobirthing - it gives women back such a mind blowing power and trust in our bodies. 

    When I was unexpectedly induced because of pre-eclampsia with our first son, the affirmations helped me to stay grounded, happy and focused despite everything going on around me. 

    I thought my second birth was pretty amazing but when our beautiful third child, our second daughter, arrived everything was even more instinctive and relaxed. 

    Early and then active labour was at home in our bedroom... chatting as our 3 year old watched Thomas the Tank Engine and our shoe-obsessed 1 year old bossed me around trying to get me to put on leopard print wedges (!), while the cat got into the wardrobe and noisily insisted that I joined her and made a nest to deliver my kittens (!!) I smile so much when I think of it and I was also smiling lots at the time.

    As my contractions intensified I used Alice's breathing techniques and continued to listen to the affirmation tracks downloaded to my phone. I felt calm and in control throughout and in a very short space of time (my labour was 4 hours from the first contraction to holding our daughter, something I attribute to hypnobirthing and letting my body take over completely), I was standing and breathing my daughter out... Something I had heard of but not experienced before in my other two births.

    It's hard to put the memory I have of it into words, but my body knew exactly what to do and the hypnobirthing helped me be in the perfect mind space to let it. It was incredibly intense, with every inch of my body involved, but not in any way frightening, painful or even an effort really.

    I felt the strongest I have ever felt in my life and very in-tune with my daughter too. We were working together for her to be born in the most beautiful way.  

    Lots of people also commented on how content my little ones seemed in their first few weeks and I'm sure that's down to the peacefulness that hypnobirthing gave me and them through labour.

    Thank you Alice. A hundred times over. I am so, so grateful to have first met you and been able to use hynobirthing to bring my three babies into the world xx"

  5. I'm loving all of my postnatal survey feedback! Here's Charlotte in France giving us her recent experience giving birth to her baby girl Alba...

    "After being told it wasn't medically advised to have an epidural I started looking for natural ways to cope with the labour.

    I felt the course helped me focus my mind and be calm throughout, thereby making labour more effective.

    I only started the course 3 weeks prior but the midwife commented it was the most 'zen' labour she had ever been at... she said she would never forget it- so something must have worked!"

    hypnobirthing France

  6. "Alice is fantastic at what she does! We saw Alice in person twice, but also felt safe in knowing we could always ask her for advice at any time during the pregnancy. Our birth was amazing... If you want to be as prepared as you can for birth, and want it to be a natural and empowering experience, I would highly recommend Alice!!" Jemma Hoare, Truro

    Super excited to let you know about my London hypnobirthing classes!

    Private hypnobirthing workshops help you to explore everything together in the comfort and convenience of your own home, in an in-depth tailor-made way. Face-to-face sessions can engage birth partners and increase motivation. 

    My hypnobirthing classes in London (and surrounding areas) can be taken over two separate 2+hr sessions or one 4hr intensive. My content is straight to the point ~ skipping the fluff of group classes. 

    I provide everything you need, including my full program of 10 hypnobirthing MP3s, ongoing support, birth consultation and my online hypnobirthing guide.

    The cost of hypnobirthing in London and surrounding areas is £375, including all expenses.

    To find out more and send an enquiry, jump to: hypnobirthing classes

    hypnobirthing classes in London

  7. feedback complaints cornwall midwifery

    A Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a team of women and their families, NHS commissioners and providers (midwives and doctors) working together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity care. Find out more at

    In Cornwall we have a growing number of optimistic midwives, doctors, doulas, antenatal teachers, hypnobirthing teachers and others who are determined to make sure that families' voices and choices are heard and respected.

    We need to make noise about what we want, and feedback the positives and negatives, in order to sustain the good and create the changes that we want to see.

    If you'd like to help, join me and others in getting involved with NHS Kernow's Cornwall Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP).

    To find out about our next meeting, email our chair Georgie Watson or telephone Lisa Hicks 01726 627866.

    (Travel expenses are available for members of the public who attend, refreshments are provided and babies are welcome)

  8. Image Courtesy Pexels

    Guest blogger Ashley Taylor from offers advice and information for parents in the US - some great tips here wherever you live...

    Becoming a new parent is tricky for everyone, but parenting with a disability has its own unique challenges. More than
    4 million Americans are successfully parenting with a disability, and you can, too.  Here are a few tips to ease your transition into a brand new family.

    Better Living with Science

    Technology has given us a number of advantages to make infant care much simpler and safer.  If mobility is an issue, make sure your home is as accessible as you can make it. Installing nonslip flooring, expandable door hinges and replacing steps with ramps can all make your life a little bit easier. You’ll need to purchase a crib and changing table that are accessible, or convert standard ones to be within reach.

    If you are hearing impaired, consider purchasing a vibrating baby monitor and an in-sight auto mirror for the rear-facing car seat. If you are visually impaired, put bells on the baby’s socks so you are alerted when he or she rouses from a nap. Texture-marked medicine spoons and talking thermometers are inexpensive and easily available. Assistive technologies, such as CART (Communication Access Real Time Translation) and TRS (Telecommunications Relay Service) can improve access to information and communication for deaf and or blind parents and are federally funded.  

    For all new parents, baby proof the home early and organize it well. Many products exist to isolate particular parts of the home and make it more difficult for baby to get injured and an abundance of storage and organization solutions are as close as your local big-box retail store.

    Have a Strong Support Network

    It really does take a village to raise a child. The importance of having friends and family to call upon in a crisis cannot be overstated. If you’re not blessed with nearby relatives and close friends, consider joining a support group for new parents. You may even be able to find other people with your disability who can share their own advice and experiences to help you better manage your new responsibilities.

    Don’t overlook the social services offered in your area; reach out to churches, advocacy agencies, and civic organizations for information and support. The ADA ensures equal rights to all Americans, which includes the right to the accommodations you need to effectively parent your child.

    Get Your Finances in Order

    Babies are expensive, but you have options for assistance. If you are receiving Social Security disability payments, your dependent child may qualify for auxiliary payments. There are also assorted grants and programs to help fund improvements to your home, or to help pay for assistance, available to many disabled people. You’ll need to look into what is available in your area. But even just getting on a budget and setting up an emergency fund will go a long way toward getting ready for parenthood.

    The Unexpected Benefit of Having Disabled Parents

    Most parents have concerns about their ability to raise a child, and disabled parents are no exception. Many worry that they may not be able to fully meet their child’s needs, or that their child may need to do more for them than other children their own age do for their parents. Take heart, your child might actually benefit from the experience of loving, and being loved by, a disabled parent. Studies have shown that growing up with disabled parents makes children more empathetic, resilient and independent than their peers who grow up without the same challenges. In and of itself, your disability is not a factor in how you will parent your child, and absent other factors, such as substance abuse, your disability should have no negative impact on the outcome of your child-rearing.

    New babies bring upheaval into your life and your home. Your sleep schedule will never be quite the same, and you’re going to develop a tolerance for children’s entertainment and repetitive books and songs. You’re also going to spend the rest of your life loving someone more than you ever imagined possible. But you are up to this challenge. You have coped with your disability and found creative ways to overcome it, to fall in love and form a family. Your special insight and unique experiences will help you to be the best parent you can and raise a wonderful human being.

  9. Lauren in Illinois tells us about her hypnobirthing experience:

    "My first two children were both induced a week late, and with the second one, it was an intense and painful experience. I was really wanting to avoid that again.

    My third birth experience using hypno-birthing was pleasant and satisfying. Hypno-birthing really helped me remain calm, relaxed, and positive. I listened to your mp3s and the calming background music throughout the entire experience. When my labor kept stopping and going, it was frustrating, but I just listened to and repeated the affirmations that I had been practicing and it made me feel calm and empowered.

    I did end up having pitocin and eventually an epidural, but the mp3s really helped me remain positive.

    Thank you for helping me have this wonderful experience! This program is also perfect for parents that already have children. All the classes I found in my area were not only very expensive but were not conducive to parents that would have to find childcare one night a week for multiple months.

    This program is affordable and nice because you can go through it at your own pace.

    I made a collage of all the affirmations and put it on my wall where I saw it every morning when I woke up.

    The only problem I had was staying awake through the hypno-birthing tracks. I tried it at different times of the day and in different places, it didn't matter, I woke up about 20 minutes after the track ended almost every time. I think it is because being pregnant with two kids is exhausting 

    It also takes up a lot of your spare time, however I feel it was totally worth it. I only started this in my third trimester, I may have gone even further without an epidural if I had started this at the beginning of my pregnancy.

    It helped me keep a positive outlook during my pregnancy and during labor, I would recommend hypno-birthing to any new mom-to-be!"

    hypnobirthing affirmations

  10. "Our very heartfelt thanks to you for an excellent course. We really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. We feel closer on our journey to having our baby. We felt that your delivery was professional, yet personal and from the heart" Katy Bryce & Adam Weismann, Manaccan

    Due to popular demand, I'm excited to announce my new hypnobirthing classes in Norwich and Norfolk!

    Private home hypnobirthing workshops enable you and your birth partner(s) to explore hypnobirthing together in the comfort and convenience of your home, in an in-depth personalised way. Face-to-face sessions may also increase motivation and actively engage birth partners.

    My hypnobirthing classes in Norfolk may be taken over one 4hr intensive or two separate 2+hr sessions. As it's a private class the content is straight to the point ~ we skip the fluff involved in group classes. 

    Everything you need is provided, including your full program of hypnobirthing MP3s, ongoing birth consultation, support and my online hypnobirthing guide.

    The cost of hypnobirthing in Norwich or Norfolk is £275 including expenses. All areas are covered from Thetford to Hunstanton and Great Yarmouth.

    To find out more and send your booking enquiry, jump to: hypnobirthing classes

    hypnobirthing in norwich

  11. No, this is an outdated idea. Evidence finds that hypnosis is a state of deep focus. You can be in hypnosis without feeling relaxed (watching a horror film) and you can be relaxed without being in hypnosis.

    Relaxation is often used to help quieten your mind and enter hypnosis (it's super useful for much of the birth journey) but during transition and 2nd stage you might feel more energised than relaxed...

    If you're able to keep focused you're in hypnosis, no matter how relaxed you are.

    (Our cat Chica, relaxing in the sun!)

    Hypnosis and relaxation hypnobirthing

  12. Congratulations to Alexandra in Jersey...

    "I ended up having an unplanned home birth after being sent away from the hospital. The midwife on duty said I was too relaxed to be in labour.

    I gave birth within 3 hours of leaving the hospital and think the hypnobirthing training got me through labour safely.

    Since then, I have had an apology from the maternity ward who are going to review their processes for hypnobirthing patients." 

    [Note - print off your treatment notification  to warn care providers of this!]

    Homebirth in Jersey Hypnobirthing St Helier

  13. Congratulations Catie and Richard!   Love your affirmation...

    "I didn't do the course completely properly but I took on board the positivity and the science behind relaxing, which I had failed to fully absorb from doing NCT with my first baby.

    I did go into labour with a completely different attitude to last time (when I was just terrified). I tried to do my own version of positive thinking and mentally telling my uterus it was doing a ‘good job’ on each contraction. This time was less painful and much faster. I felt much more connected to my body this time, like we were on the same team.

    It was much less painful overall and I didn't have an epidural (but that is partly because it was crazy fast and the hospital was understaffed). I definitely think hypnobirthing made a huge difference to my birth experience and really helped me.

    "Catie Richard Herring

  14. Seasons greetings and best wishes to you all! We've kicked off the festive season by getting married, as you do! 

    I'm available for hypnobirthing support and bookings throughout Christmas, but wish everyone a happy holidays and wonderful new year... 

    Alice Kirby Hypnobirthing in Cornwall