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Georgina's birth story

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"I had the most amazing birth on Tuesday, my little Sophie was in a rush to come out. 

I probably didn’t do as much “active hypnobirthing study” as I should, however I listened to it to go to sleep every night and I could hear the music in my head during labour, especially the “positive birthing affirmations with Wah”.

My waters went on Monday afternoon, followed by slowly building tightenings, which thanks to the online course I knew to expect and breathe through - even managed to sleep for a few hours through them!

Then we went to the midwife-led birthing unit and (thanks to the online videos of breathing techniques), I sounded like I was playing a kazoo throughout my labour and it helped wonderfully.

In between each surge I was my normal chatty self, I would then zone out when each surge came. I instinctively knew each phase of my baby's birth and was in tune with my body completely, even my midwife commented on it! 

I had my perfect water birth after 2 hours of labour and 5 minutes of breathing my baby out. 

Thank you for your fantastic course and daily affirmations! I will miss those!"

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