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"My baby's growth was found to be tailing off after a scan on the 10th of October and so I was booked to be induced at 37 weeks on the 19th. 

I went in as planned but was actually progressing on my own and beginning to dilate - the midwife was surprised I was already at 2cm. They didn't need to use the pessary and so I was sent home to relax and come back the next day. I had some backache but after a bath (listening to one of the hypnobirthing tracks), good meal and long sleep I felt good.
Back in hospital they broke my waters at 7pm on the 20th. I managed to go natural, listening to the affirmation tracks while sat on my birthing ball until the beginning of the second stage and then accepted an epidural. I laboured well but was exhausted at the end and needed a forceps delivery.

My baby girl, Willow Jessica, was born on the 21st October at 01:30 weighing 5lb 15oz / 2.7kg.

I can't believe how perfect she is! Even when I'm so tired and am beginning to doubt myself, I look at her and everything makes sense. 

The hypnobirthing helped my husband and I remain relaxed and calm. It gave him the strength to support me when I was forgetting to breathe to relax. The midwives were thrilled with how well it all went and very impressed with the tracks we used. 

I'd highly recommend your hypnobirthing course to anyone going into pregnancy. Although things went off plan, we were able to face everything was we approached each new hurdle."