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Placenta encapsulation anyone?!

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It's been a busy few weeks of doula appointments and teaching hypnobirthing home workshops here in Cornwall...

I was also asked by a new mummy to encapsulate her baby's placenta for consumption!

placenta encapsulation in CornwallHere's the finished product after being steamed, dehydrated, ground and popped into vegetarian capsules. Around 80-150 pills are normally yielded. This placenta was quite wee, but there's 62 capsules in there - enough for at least 10 days postpartum.

There's a lack of clinical research controlling for the placebo effect, but anecdotally many mums swear by this... Believing the pills to increase milk supply and keep them balanced and upbeat
. Mum says:

"My milk's going really good after 5 days and baby being 8 weeks early. I really feel its helping yay! 😊"