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A new postnatal survey launched

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It's been quite a while since I refreshed the statistics with survey responses, so recent subscribers will shortly be receiving their invitations to fill out a simple 7 question survey on their birth experiences. You may choose to remain anonymous.

Statistics will be included from everyone who indicates that before the birth process began, they felt they had practiced my techniques either 'enough' or 'extensively' as opposed to 'not sure', 'not enough' and 'not at all'.

Some interesting initial results coming through, e.g. 43% of respondants having an established phase of less than 3 hours!

I also received the following comments:

"So relaxing, it felt wonderful to feel like someone was supporting me and ‘allowing’ me to let go and let my body do its thing."

"This was my second birth, the first using hypnobirthing properly, and despite having to be induced for to reasons beyond my control, I had an absolutely amazing birth experience!"

"Easy to follow material and the audio was fab to help us be excited and prepared for the birth of our baby. In the middle of it all my husband forgot to bring in the phone which has the audio on it so he ended up having to talk through the affirmations himself! Good thing he had practiced with me a handful of times too so he knew what to do"

"I found it very useful - although found the ignorance of the nurses r.e hypnobirthing somewhat hard to manage. Next time I'll certainly get a doula!"

"I decided last minute to go with the c section. I was listening to your hypnobirth meditation while waiting for the surgery to ease the stress caused by the hospital environment. I followed your guidance and it was really helpful even if giving birth didn't go by my plan A"

Quantitative analysis of previous survey responses can be found here: our hypnobirthing statistics

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