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Elisabeth's birth story

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"Although this was not my first pregnancy and everything was very smooth, I was of course extremely worried to give birth during the global pandemic, and the fact that my husband could only be with me for the actual birth was also very stressful to imagine. We live in Japan and the birthing clinics are generally wonderful here, but very strict due to Covid.

Five days before my due date I had some spotting and then the next day my stomach felt very tight, so I went to my clinic for a check up. The midwife told me I was already in labour and would be giving birth soon, so I needed to be admitted. I was so distressed because I couldn’t believe how fast things were progressing, and I didn’t say a proper goodbye to my eldest son. I spent the first hour of labour alone in my room, crying because of loneliness and anxiety. Then I decided to put on Alice’s hypnobirthing affirmations. They were so incredibly empowering and calming. I was able to really focus on my son moving down and my body preparing for birth. I realized that being alone was a bonding experience for us. 
This birth was moving so fast and was so intense that at times being on all fours, breathing deeply and meditating with the affirmations was the best way that I could stay present. Shortly after, the midwife told me I was in the final stages of labour so I needed to call my husband immediately and move to the birthing room. I didn’t believe her because I still felt relatively calm and in control. A few minutes later however, I had a some very intense surges and I knew that my son was almost out! I had one moment that I was suddenly overwhelmed, but I told myself “I am the strongest person in this room” and knew I was alright.
Luckily my husband arrived just in time (by bicycle!) for the birth of our second son, Sora. The three of us were able to spend an hour together in the birthing room before my husband had to leave. It was a magical hour for sure.
I cannot recommend Alice’s course and materials enough. During both pregnancies I explored other hypnobirthing resources but I found many of them to be too strict and sometimes even critical. I always felt Alice met me exactly where I needed to be. Thank you so much and I will keep using your techniques even outside of pregnancy"
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