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Hypnobirthing for an emergency c-section... Kirsten's thoughts

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I love how hypnobirthing helps mums stay as calm as possible, especially when medical assistance is involved...

Six months ago Kirsten's baby boy was born poorly following a failed induction and subsequent emergency caesarean. Before her surgery she had time to listen to my 'Positive Caesarean' MP3:-

"I can't tell you how much it helped me. I felt so disappointed in myself for not being able to give birth like I wanted. To this day I have these doubts about my body and my ability, but I am reminded of your words about how I was doing what was best for my baby and I do now feel my birth experience was positive despite everything, because it did mean that I got a healthy happy baby in the end.

I was also able to be calm and collected throughout, which means that I still remember the first time I saw my baby with love and happiness rather than stress, and I think having that recording there and being able to listen to it had a big part in that.

Even when I had to give the baby to the paediatric nurses to take away from me I was able to do so with love and calm and think about what was best for him which could have been very hard.

Thank you for being considerate of this when making the recordings: they really work for everyone and don't assume everyone can have the ideal medication-free birth, but help women feel empowered whatever happens."

Hypnobirthing for c-section