Practical tools for a positive birth...

About Hypnobirthing...

Self-hypnosis is a completely natural state, like daydreaming, where the 'busy' part of your mind quietens to help you focus and listen to positive suggestions.

Hypnobirthing enables you to increase confidence and reduce anxiety. The more relaxed, positive and confident you feel, the better your baby's birth is likely to be, however you give birth. Hypnobirthing is associated with¹:

  - a shorter, more comfortable birth
  - fewer medical interventions
  - greater satisfaction however you give birth

About Alice...

I'm a childbirth educator, clinical hypnotherapist and mother with 12 years of experience in the childbirth field.

I originally trained as a midwife and 'caught' 22 babies, before working as a doula and independent hypnobirthing teacher. To date, I've helped over 500 families to have a better birth experience (read more about me)


Hypnobirthing online course
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Hypnobirthing online course