Letting go of fears and choosing hypnobirthing affirmations...

Sift through your mind and take stock of any fears, concerns, doubts or anxieties about anything to do with your baby coming into the world... Then write / draw / make / print out your positive affirmations!

 Hypnobirthing Affirmations

  1. Draw a simple table with two columns. On the left side write down your doubts, anxieties, fears and worries about anything to do with your baby coming into the world. Note them down as soon as they come to mind - without judgement or analysis. You may wish to do this privately, or sometimes it's interesting for mothers and partners to do it separately, then come together to discuss

  2. Getting negative thoughts out and writing them down goes a long way to neutralise them, which otherwise, left unprocessed, might interfere with your ability to eliminate the suboptimal fight-or-flight state during birth. Don't forget your weekly fear release hypnobirthing MP3

  3. Now on the right side, think up some 'antidotes' - your positive affirmations. The way you word them is personal to you, but use positively worded phrases in the present tense (i.e. don't make negative statements in the future tense such as "The pain won't be too bad". Rather say something like "I take all of the natural sensations in my stride"

  4. Finally, put together your identified personal birth affirmations, alongside downloading and printing any others/ pictures you are drawn to below (scroll all the way down this page). Display them at home or work, or on your phone / computer - anywhere you will see them regularly and be reminded of maintaining your positive mindset...

    hypnobirthing affirmations affirmations bunting

Hypnobirthing affirmations gallery... Click on the first one and press the arrow to scroll through

1st stage hypnobirthing visualisation
2nd stage birthing hypnobirthing online

The picture below caused one of my first-time-mothers to amost leap off the sofa! She knew she had to overcome this fear of crowning and with my advice, stuck it next to her toilet at home. She encouraged herself to look at it, and through desensitisation it became gradually easier. She then thought up an affirmation to repeat regularly: "I get big, so wide, so open" (esp when doing a poo!) She also did perineal massage a few times a week. Her daughter crowned with ease... Just three expulsive surges from the moment we first saw her head, and her perineum was intact!

Crowning - real life

birth visualisation 1

Birth mandala from The Mandala Journey - 'Into these hands' by Amy Haderer-Swagman 
birth physiology visualisations and affirmations