User guide for your hypnobirthing audios...

Your audios are accessible > HERE (login emailed after purchase). In the meantime, make a start with your free hypnobirthing tracks, or if you haven't already, purchase access to the full set here (£25 / $32). Do contact me with any queries.

Use during pregnancy... 
Turn your sound right up / use headphones; don't just listen at bedtime or you'll probably fall asleep; follow your guidelines below and refer back to this page often to check your practise is on track.

Use during birth...
When your contractions are established and progressive, l
isten to your affirmations tracks on repeat. And / or you can buy the music without the words from: Calmtime and Savasana

1. Pregnancy relaxation
At least once every 2 weeks, for relaxation and wellbeing. Boost confidence, self-esteem and comfort (20 mins) 

2. Prepare for birth
Most days from 34 weekand at least once a week beforehand, to cognitively rehearse the birth process (20 mins) 

3. Letting go of fears and doubts
At least once every 2 weeks, to process and release any fears, doubts, concerns or anxieties about your baby's birth (10 mins)

4. Breathing & bonding
At least once every 2 weeks, to perfect mindful breathing and bond with your baby (contains music with Hindu mantras) (10 mins)

5. Affirmations
Rehearse at least once every 2 weeks and for playing during the birth. Set to 'Calmtime' backing music (25 mins)

6. Affirmations 2
Rehearse at least once every 2 weeks and for playing during the birth. Set to Hindu 'Savasana' backing music (28 mins)

7. Practise Contractions
At least once every 2 weeks, to rehearse sinking down into hypnosis for each contraction (30 mins)

8. Hypnobirthing for partners
Birth partners can listen at least once a week to increase their understanding and confidence (20 mins)

9. Caesarean preparation
Even (especially) if you're not planning a caesarean, use this track once or twice (or more) to rehearse a positive calm caesarean birth. Use daily if you're expecting a caesarean (20 mins)

10. Adjusting to Parenthood
Postnatally - as desired (10 mins)

Example timetable over a rolling two week period (if over 34 weeks do the purple options too)

Monday: Prepare for birth
Tuesday: Prepare for birth
Wednesday: Breathing & bonding
Thursday: Prepare for birth
Friday: Pregnancy relaxation
Saturday: Prepare for birth
Sunday: Letting go of fears

Monday: Affirmations 1 or 2
Prepare for birth 
Prepare for birth 
Practise contractions
Prepare for birth
Prepare for birth

Sunday: Prepare for birth