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Hypnobirthing online course

Practising hypnobirthing online during pregnancy enables you to increase confidence and reduce anxiety. The more relaxed, positive and confident you feel, the quicker, more comfortable and calmer your baby's birth is likely to be, however you give birth¹

"Alice has one of the best voices I've heard -
and I'm very fussy about that!"
- Jean, London

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Hypnobirthing online course contents...

  How your mind affects your body
  How to increase comfort
  How to use hypnosis
  How your birth partner may assist
  Helpful breathing techniques
  Using essential oils

  Processing fears and anxieties
  Affirmations and visualisation
  Optimal birth environments
  Hypnobirthing MP3 program

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  Informational webpages & videos

  Your full program of MP3 downloads
  Soft English tones

  Suitable for all devices
  Hop on board any time 24/7
  Beneficial at any gestation
  Eco-friendly - no printing out

  Optional email support

  Regulated by highest UK standards
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hypnobirthing mp3 program

Your Hypnobirthing MP3 Downloads Program...

  Birth preparation
  Relaxation and wellbeing
  Fear release
  Breathing & bonding
  Affirmations 1 & 2
  Practise contractions
  Positive caesarean (optional)
  Adjusting to parenthood

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"Alice's online hypnobirthing course was excellent and I highly recommend it!" -
Emily Sheehan, Taiwan

"The affirmations tracks are fantastic and kept everyone who entered our delivery room very calm and chilled out!"
 - Amy Jones, Cardiff

Your purchase helps women and children

"Super simple and effective - didn't want to spend days on an expensive course doing group activities and other irrelevant stuff. Took things at our own pace. The music is magical"   - Emily Davies, Edinburgh 

"Alice - I loved that your course was down-to-earth: mostly webpages to read, activities to do when / if we felt like it, and audios to download. Relieved to escape endless video tutorials by overly groomed marketing types!"  - Rebecca Mills, New York

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Why choose this hypnobirthing course? Best reviews hypnobirthingBest reviews hypnobirthingBest reviews hypnobirthingBest reviews hypnobirthingBest reviews hypnobirthing

A little independent business with a big heart!

I strongly believe that hypnobirthing should be accessible to all. My online course is affordable without compromising on quality.
To date, I've helped thousands of families around the world to have a better birth.

Pleased to meet you! I'm Alice Kirby - Cornwall hypnotherapist, childbirth educator, doula and mother. I've worked in the childbirth field for 15 years, 'caught' many babies as a trainee midwife, and have given birth myself using hypnobirthing (more about me)

Most hypnobirthing training courses award their attendees a certificate after 5 days. My 12 month hypnotherapy diploma built upon my experience with various hypnobirthing brands  (and previous degree in psychology and counselling), and complies with the UK National Occupational Hypnotherapy Standards. As such I'm a member of the CNHC - a Parliamentary accredited register recommended by the Royal College of Midwives and Department of Health.

A £1 donation to the charity Women's Aid is made on your behalf. Women's Aid provide life-saving services for women and children and aim to build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.

Check out our five star Facebook and Google hypnobirthing reviews; more below and on our hypnobirthing stories page... Hope you can join us :)

hypnobirthing online and cornwall alice kirby


Ruby Martins, London

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your support during my pregnancy, it really meant so much to me and helped me more than you know. I plan to spread the word of hypnobirthing, Its such a magical way to bring baby into the world and I can actually say I enjoyed my labour!

I have also had a few people asking me about how labour went and I cant help but saying how much I enjoyed it. They are always taken aback and confused as it seems very rare for someone to have enjoyed it! I am just so glad I birthed my baby this way. I can definitely  say that hypno-birthing worked for me, it remove my previous fears and myths about childbirth and allowed me to trust my body to do what is natural"

 ruby and family


Ali Jackson, Virginia

"Hi Alice, like many others before me I wanted to let you know how successful my birth was using your program. I delivered my beautiful baby boy, 8 pounds 10 ounces (22 inches) completely naturally in 6 hours. It was the most rewarding experience of my life and I felt fully prepared thanks to your course.

Although I didn't play the MP3s during labor, through each contraction I continued to tell myself "relax, release, open", "one step closer to your baby." I did not have any anxieties going into birth and never had one during. My doctor said it was the calmest birthing room she had ever been in. Thank you for all of your amazing work!! I feel fully prepared for any future births I may have!"

Home study hypnobirthing Online


Ruba Cockett, Switzerland

"This online course is just what I was looking for, having read the Mongan Method hypnobirthing book, I still felt I needed some more guidance"


Kerry Gavriilidi, Bath

"I found your website about midway through my pregnancy (after trying a few different hypnobirthing practitioners, yours was the only voice I liked listening to!

Couldnt imagine going through birth without the techniques of hypnobirthing, my husband was incredible during my labour too and an essential part of my practice before labour, and supporting me during the labour and birth"


Laura Smit, New Zealand

"Hi there. I purchased your online course last night and I'm SO impressed so far! This is my first pregnancy and I have been in a lot of pain the last two weeks. Last night after I listened to the mp3 tracks, I felt better, and it was the first night I slept through in almost a month! Also, I'm actually feeling positive and even excited about the birth now! So glad I found your course, many thanks!"


Charlotte Steventon-Kiy, UK

"I've been searching for an online hypnobirthing course for a few weeks and I've struggled to find one - I've either found the guides really difficult to engage with or the content too 'out there'!

So far I've found your content really informative and whilst doing your free MP3 in the bath earlier I found myself in tears!! Probably just pregnancy hormones but amazing all the same. Looking forward to practicing over the coming months and I'm actually really excited about my first birthing experience already!"


Rebecca Bell, South Carolina

"The hypnobirthing methods made for a beautiful calm unmedicated birth that I would say was not painful at all! I loved giving birth!

"When I received very little support for desiring a natural unmedicated birth, your course gave me the courage and assurance I needed to achieve the birth I so desired!

I thought I would put a face to my name and thank you again. You were such a blessing to me and to my son, who was born July 3 weighing 8lbs 7oz. Keep doing what you do because you are making a wonderful impact!"

Online hypnobirthing carolina


Ann Elizabeth Tzvetkova, California

"I used this instead of a physical class. It worked amazing! My baby is almost 5 months old now and I still use the hynobirthing techniques to sleep sometimes. The techniques here helped me through a natural labor and delivery."


Melissa Prince, Qatar

"My only regret is that I did not try hypnobirthing sooner!! This was my 6th birth and I was living in the middle east and I was very nervous about the birth. I needed something to empower me and calm my anxieties and this was the perfect thing. It was difficult to find hypnobirthing classes or materials over there, and I loved how I was able to download the audio straight to my phone so I could have it whenever and wherever I needed it. During the birth, I felt strong and calm and I was able to channel the pain into love for my baby daughter. Her birth went better than any of my other childrens' births. The nurses ended up delivering the baby because I was so quiet and calm they didn't realize how soon the baby was coming! It was a great experience thanks to Hypnobirthing with Alice Kirby! Thank you!! "


Jennifer Madeley, USA

"Her voice is very soothing, I've listened to others and no one else compares"


Kenady Wilson, North Carolina

"When I realized I was in labor I started listening to the birth affirmations and had my headphones in continuously for nearly the entire labor. It was amazing. I was able to just breath, relax, and turn inwards during every contraction. Everything went so smoothly I was somewhat amazed! All the contractions were completely manageable and as long as I was able to 'turn inwards' I was totally fine!

It was really a great birth experience overall. Afterwards, our doula even said she basically just sat back and watched the entire thing. I was still exhausted by the end of it all, but that may also be due to the fact that I was standing up and walking around for about 10 hours! Overall, it was exactly the birth experience I was hoping for and I will definitely recommend it!


Jackie, USA

"Hypnobirthing was very soothing during pregnancy. I loved it! Thank you"


Charlotte Aspinall, London

"I purchased the online course after my friend recommending it saying it was great and cheap.

I loved it cant praise it highly enough. I had a wonderful birth all natural, no medication or intervention and quick. I wouldn't say it was painless but it was totally manageable and an amazing euphoric experience in all. Once we got into the hospital I listened to Alice's tape on my ipod and it really helped me to keep calm and block out the outside world and distractions and just relax and let my body do what it needed to do. The midwife said it was the best birth she had ever seen and none of them could believe how quick it was or how calm and quiet I was.

Before becoming pregnant I was terrified of the thought of giving birth and was going to opt for an elective caesarean. I am so glad I didn't as I would have missed out on an amazing experience of natural birth.

Alice's online course was amazing. It was very clear and simple. With bits to read about great births, explaining the birth process and little videos. The mp3s were all set out well and she tells you what ones to listen to when. I really put in the work and listened to them lots and read about natural births to understand it all." 


Daisy Plummer, USA

"I have already recommended it to a friend! It is very reasonably priced and extremely helpful"


Tracey-Anne Greenhow, England

"I just wanted to thank you (a little later than I'd have liked). In July I gave birth to my first son Oscar. My friend bought me your subscription and, being a life coach and into meditation and hypnotherapy I listened to the tracks from about 10 weeks into my pregnancy. I ended up with gestational diabetes and was advised to be induced so things ended up with me on the hormone drip (apparently this is about 10 times more painful that without the drip).

[Note from Alice - most mums elect for an epidural for the syntocinon / pitocin drip used in a medical induction]

Well I managed about 6 hours of absolute agony with just a tens machine, gas and air (I'd already decided I wanted gas & air and to be honest it was AMAZING), and your lovely voice in my ears getting me through. It was all quite uncomplicated in the end. You were a huge part of my easy labour and my success in breast feeding. I now have one very happy baby.

Thanks again. All our love, Tracey-Anne, Dan (thats the hubby) and Oscar"


Louise Dann, England

"Amazing, so relaxing used it on my first pregnancy and now using on my second pregnancy makes me feel really calm and positive x"


Nina Sauer, Berlin

"I tried your program before the birth of my son. I listened to the affirmations throughout the birth and had no pain whatsoever... Only panicked once whenever my headphones stopped working properly! I delivered my son in 4 hours, the hospital staff here in Berlin were amazed about my calmness and I said no to all medications - not because I wanted to be brave but because it really did not hurt at all. I am recommending you to all  pregnant ladies I know! Thank you so so much :) "


Sandra Dunican, Cornwall

"Niall took our iPod dock and we played your affirmations on loop throughout my two hours of pushing.

In the craziness of it all your hypnobirthing tracks helped! I remember one of the doctors coming in and paying a compliment to
your affirmations tracks :)

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